"Harder than Ironman, Fairer than Ironman."

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"Martyn Brunt of 220 takes on the Isoman..."

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The Speeds Marathon TT Cycle

61.3 Miles (98.7 km)

The Speeds Half Marathon TT Cycle

30.6 Miles (49.2 km)

The Speeds Quarter Marathon TT Cycle

15.3 Miles (24.5 km)

Can take part in full and half in sportive mode also

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The Isoman Speeds Cycle

1st July 2017 - Arrow Valley Park, UK (B98 0LJ)

Isoman Speeds Cycle

Take on the Isoman Speeds Bike Time trial (or sportive).

Take on the beautiful rolling hills of Worcestershire...Take on the Cycling "Marathon":

By using the UCI hour cycling record and comparing it with the world record for running a Marathon (currently just under 2 hours and 3 minutes) we have predicted how far a world class cyclist would get in the 2 hours and 3 minutes. So, on the road, without drafting and with some account of the terain, the answer comes out to be 61.3 miles. (Read More...) So to put it another way, we reckon that 61.3 miles of our course is roughly equivalent in terms of the level of excellence required to acheive a similar time when compared to the runners marathon of 26.2 miles.

Medal, Goody bag, T-Shirt and Party! And the chance to be part of this spectacular day of endurance!

Sign up here for the 61.3 mile Isoman Cycling Marathon

All abilities welcome!

Not quite ready for the full "marathon" yet? No problem - we have something for everyone with the half and quarter distances. Also, you can choose to do the event as a time trial and have your time entered for the best of the day. Or if you want to simply go out and enjoy yourself you are also welcome to cycle in groups.

One of our guiding principles with setting up Isoman was to make it inclusive, not only to elites, but to beginners alike and create a single day of endurance where individuals from the swimming, cycling, running and triathlon community can all come together and enjoy the sports we love.

Sign up here for the 30.6 mile Isoman Half TT

Sign up here for the 15.3 Isoman Quarter TT

Or do as a sportive?

You additionally have the option of doing the half and full distance bike rides as sportives. This means you can ride in groups of 5 or less around the course. You will not be able to compete for best athlete by choosing this option, because you can effectively draft. However, all profit raised from these options will be going to our charity partner Bloodwise. See below for more details.

Sign up here for the 61.3 mile Isoman Bloodwise Full Sportive

Sign up here for the 30.6 mile Isoman Bloodwise Half Sportive

Fancy a face off with your swimming or running buddies?

As we believe we have equalised the three disciplines of running, cycling and swimming (yes, we've done a similar thing with swimming too!) in terms of the level of excellence required to acheive a similar time, this gives you the opportinity to challenge your swimming or cycling buddies to a race to see who's the best athlete, All events will take place on the same day - nowhere else will you get the chance for such a face off.

Most equal of Triathlon Relays?

Or better still get together with 2 of your friends and do the relay. Nowhere else will you find a race where the legs are more equal!

Sign up here for the Relay.


Each of the 3 courses is single lap (with some overlap in the course) with a nutrition and water station available on the full. This is a fast and beautiful course that takes into account the rolling hills of Worcestershire.

Chip timing will be available!

Party In the Park

Make sure you pack your dancing shoes. We'll have music all day with live music at the main stage in the expo field from 2pm onwards to welcome the athletes competing in the Isoman home.
Come and enjoy a beer or two and party the afternoon away! It is saturday afterall so no work in the morning!
There will be bouncy castles and other activities for the kids to take part in, so bring them along too! Whether you're taking part, watching loved ones or simply want to come and see what it's all about, you're all welcome.

Line Up

Completely Covered

The Mighty BACCHUS

Stuart Woolfenden

Music Like Lemons

dB Smith - Bluesman

Bloodwise - Our official Charity Partner

The party is being held in aid of Blood Cancers, and everyone is welcome. So come along, enjoy the show, drop a bit of your loose change in the buckets provided/buy raffle tickets and feel good that you're helping such a great charity. Isoman profits from the expo field will all be going to the charity. And if you're taking part in one of the challenges, then don't forget you can also raise money that way too. When registering, please leave the "Agree To Our Charity Partner Contacting you" checked and Bloodwise, formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research will send you through a sponsorship pack.